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Four apps to keep track of your personal finances

Money management is probably one of the most intimidating yet crucial tasks we all have to undertake at the beginning, end or a cyclic period from month to month. There is no budget without planning or tracking. There is no common way to expenditure; spending is very individual in nature. Sometimes we make spending decisions that we might regret later. To prevent this constant tendency, you can rummage through these four apps to keep track of your personal finances. We hope you find the list satisfactory and informative.


A unique app that lets you keep track of your daily spending via logging in the type, month and the location of the expenditure. The app works on a credit score to which you have free access as a user. There are identity protection tools like data breach alerts. BillGuard is a free app in this list of four apps to keep track of your personal finances. The app user can choose to link the app to their bank accounts.


Some of you might have a good grip on your expenses. You would know the inflow and the outflow of money, where to save and how to spend less. However, logging of every financial data is a tiresome experience. The FudGet app has been built to organize their expenditures and budget accurately. It is a great app to track short-term budget for holidays, work expenses or vacation and shopping splurges. FudGet Is also a free app available both on iOS and Android.


Penny is a user a very friendly based app amongst the four apps to keep track of your personal finance that are listed here. The app lets you keep tabs on your finances using text messages. You will find an interesting graphical approach and constant reminders about your spending habits to keep you on your toes. Available on both iOS and Android, you can link your money management accounts to this app.


This free app will prove to be of great use if you are a rsdvsdvvdsvsvdsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsvsdvegular credit card user. The sleek listing of your expenditures and transactions primarily focus on optimizing credit card rewards. Keep
track of your credit limit and how much you have utilized. Also, it will tell you exactly how to use your rewards at a particular merchant. Available for both iOS and Android, the app is free and very popular.

Avoid making tedious resolutions and instructing yourself to not spending on that or this. Instead use these four apps to keep track of your personal finances in a simpler, interactive and practical way which yields direct results.